NRSSC Offline League

Signups Halfway Over!

With a combination of singups from here, YouTube, my classmates and friends, and the Ernhrtfan Forums, signups have now passed the halfway point with 40 people registering. We still need entries for the RC class, so sign-up for that class. You will still get as much attention as the OC class!

Sign-ups have started!

Sign-ups have begun for the 2010 NRSSC Goodyear Cup Series. Numbers 13, 32, and 39 have been taken by Motorbreath Racing drivers Roger Sandri, Courtney Mays, and Matt Sandri in their Pontiac Grand Prixs. Also, Coca Cola Racing driver Sebastian Ruiz takes #43 in his Chevy Impala. Signup now at the forums or at my YouTube account, pennst24.

Welcome to NRSSC Racing Offline League!

 This is the NRSSC Offline League for Papyrus' NASCAR Racing 2003 Season. It is a World Championship series consisting of two classes. The OC and RC class, and the top 15 drivers from each class move on to the Goodyear World Championship Circuit. Sign-up today!


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